Part 2 of my journey through my childhood scifi TV viewing habits.

The Land of the Lost

Another show I know I watched every Saturday morning, but that I only remember in flashes of iconic imagery. A father with his daughter and son are trapped in an alternate world with angry lizard people. It  wasn’t until many years later that I realized the show was created in part by David Gerrold, who would later write one of my favorite alien invasion series (The Chtorr).

Wonder Woman 

This was a family show and we watched it as a family. I have no idea if my parents enjoyed it, but my brother and I loved it. The costumes and sets and effects seem a little cheesy now, but to my young eyes they felt more real than the world I lived in and Wonder Woman seemed like the epitome of everything we should all aspire to be. I didn’t want to be like Steve, I wanted to be like Wonder Woman.

Space: 1999

I could only catch this at odd times on odd UHF channels when my parents were not using the TV, but it captured my imagination so much I insisted on having the ray gun and toys from the show. I keep meaning to go back and re-watch the series, but as before, I seem to only manage to watch an episode at a time every now and again. .


I loved this show so much and was so disappointed there was only one season. A post-apocalyptic world where scientists in a massive silver science lab roam around helping people and having adventures. With a jet pack! And a rover! And a talking ape! And cool futuristic costumes! And super bright lights instead of guns! It sent me daydreaming for days after each show.

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl

I remember watching this on Saturday mornings as a young boy — I remember the goofy costumes,  cheesy sets, weird flying car, and fun wrist gadgets. It got remade in 2016 as a web series, but I haven’t had the courage to watch it and have it alter my childhood memory of  Electra Woman and Dyna Girl.

The Bionic Woman

A fan of The Bionic Man, I was excited to watch this when it came out, not the least because I had a huge crush on Linsey Wanger. The stories followed a similar template as The Bionic Man, but Jamie Sommers approached the problems differently — but always by kicking some ass and running superfast. It was rebooted in 2007, but I didn’t watch it for fear it would ruin my childhood.

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