The Dark Shadow of Spring

(The Young Sorcerers Guild – Book 1)

Something Evil is Loose in the Magical Town of Runewood.

Streets cluttered with thousands of dead birds, a plague of malevolent insects, ghosts arising in the town cemetery, and demons haunting the woods of the White Forest — These are only some of the dangers that thirteen-year-old Alex Ravenstar and his friends in The Young Sorcerers Guild must overcome in order save the secluded magical town of Runewood from an ancient, soul-enslaving evil.

After a nearly disastrous adventure to wake the local dragon from its hibernation in hopes that it will tell them their destinies, Alex and his friends accidentally encounter the dark force that was responsible for burning magic out of the world beyond the Rune Valley thousands of years ago. Known as the Shadow Wraith, the evil force was cast from this world and imprisoned in another realm at the end of a war fought to stop it. Once again, the Shadow Wraith is trying to escape its bonds to enslave the world — and Alex and the Young Sorcerers Guild are the only ones who can defeat it.

The Dark Shadow of Spring is another terrific book from G.L .Breedon, perfect for younger teens who like a good dose of adventure, mystery and awesome superpowers. Move over Harry Potter, here comes Alex Ravenstar.
— Tahlia Newland – Author, Reviewer

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Summer’s Cauldron

(The Young Sorcerers Guild – Book 2)

Returning to the town of Runewood after a harrowing excursion in the Dead Forest with only an old, abandoned cauldron in tow, Alex Ravenstar and his friends in the Young Sorcerers Guild come across something that promises to make their summer vacation more exciting than ever — a carnival of traveling mages.

Alex’s enthusiasm for the amazements and entertainments of the carnival is quickly crushed when he follows a mysterious shrouded figure to a darkened tent where he overhears unseen carnies discussing the Shadow Wraith. Alex barely has time to accept the fact there are followers of the Shadow Wraith hiding in the carnival when one of them tries to kill him.

Unfortunately, facing down evil carnies seems easier than pursuing a romantic adventure with Victoria, especially when the carnival brings to town several of her old friends — her ex-boyfriend among them.

Alex, Victoria, the Guild, and all their new friends must uncover the evil carnies’ plot to free the Shadow Wraith before it can destroy the town of Runewood — an adventure that takes them through the magical secrets of the carnival, deep into the dangerous waters of the Silent Swamp, and forces them back to the Shadow Wraith’s prison to once again face its destructive and deadly power.

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