The Primary Cast

The Fugitives

Sao-Tauna — The seven-year-old daughter of Tahn Taujin Lin-Pi (brother to Zhan Taujin Letan-Nin of the Tanshen Dominion).

Lee-Nin — Sao-Tauna’s former tutor and protector.

Ing-Ku — The warden commander who hunts Sao-Tauna with orders to kill her.

Sha-Kutan — A farmer with a dark past.

Ogtankaa — The huntress who pursues Sha-Kutan.


The Throne

Tin-Tsu — A former priest and the newly raised zhan of the Daeshen Dominion.

Dju-Tesha — Tin-Tsu’s sister.

Pai-Nakee — Tin-Tsu’s mother.

Kao-Rhee — The prime councilor to the Daeshen ascendancy.

Rhog-Kan — The prime tigan (military commander) of the Daeshen Dominion.

Tonken-Wu — A sub-commander warden of the Daeshen palace.

Rin-Lahee — A tahneff engaged to marry Tin-Tsu.

Tiang-Rhu — A priest and childhood friend of Tin-Tsu.


The Temple

Junari — A former Pashist priest called by the new goddess to lead a pilgrimage to the Forbidden Realm.

Raedalus — A former Pashist priest who is Junari’s closest friend and adviser.

Taksati — Junari’s former Pashist temple servant who follows her on the pilgrimage.

Bon-Tao — A Tanjii soldier responsible for Junari’s security while in that city.

Kuth-Von — A Tanjii Circle Elder.


The Seer

Kellatra — The owner of an inn in the largest town in the Punderra Dominion and a secret seer with a hidden past.

Rankarus — Kellatra’s husband.

Luntadus — Kellatra and Rankarus’s six-year-old son.

Lantili — Kellatra and Rankarus’s nine-year-old daughter.

Abananthus — A merchant and family friend of Kellatra and Rankarus.

Jadaloo — A young serving woman and family friend at Kellatra and Rankarus’s inn.


The Philosopher

Sketkee — A rakthor former ambassador who has chosen against custom to become a natural philosopher.

Kadmallin — Sketkee’s personal guard and oldest friend.

Viktik — A rakthor ambassador and former colleague of Sketkee.


The Carnival

Leotin — The master of a traveling carnival that traverses the Iron Realm.

Palla — A member of Leotin’s carnival and lead actress in the plays they perform.

Tarak — A roagg scout sent by his people to learn about the human pilgrims and the dreams of the new goddess.

Yeth — A yutan scout sent by her people to learn about the human pilgrims and the dreams of the new goddess.

Shifhuul — A wyrin scout sent by his people to learn about the human pilgrims and the dreams of the new goddess.

Donjeo — A teenage boy who cares for the animals of the carnival.

Jhanal — The leader of a pilgrim band that travels with the carnival for protection.

Ranna — A pilgrim who joins the carnival and becomes Pall’a friend.

Kanma — A former spy who is accepted into the carnival.  


The Witness

Ondromead — An ageless old man who has awoken every day for thousands of years in a different place in the world compelled to witness certain events and record them in a black book with endless pages.

Hashel — A speechless ten-year-old boy who travels with Ondromead — the first person to ever do so.

Meraeu — A mysterious old woman who occasionally appears to Ondromead.

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