Good news. The Dragon Star (The Dragon Star Saga Book 1: Episodes 1-3) is FREE on Amazon for the next few days. If you have not had a chance to pick it up, now is the perfect time.

In other news, I have been spending my writing time of late working on creating The Onaia Guidebook, an expansion of the end matter content in The Dragon Star Saga books. In addition to a combined and expanded version of the Gazetteer and Miscellany of Fragments & Artefacts, it also contains maps, story splashes, characters sheets, and a glossary. If it sounds interesting, you can grab a copy by signing up for my newsletter (the only place it is available.)

The idea is to continually expand and update the guidebook as I transcribe my notes and continue building the world of The Dragon Star Saga. New editions will be sent to mailing list subscribers as they come out (once or twice a year I think).

As a reminder, responding to reader feedback, I have separated the original novel of The Dragon Star: Volume One (Episodes 1-7) into two books: The Dragon Star (Book 1: Episodes 1-3) and The Shattered Realms (Book 2: Episodes 4-7).

If you purchased The Dragon Star: Volume One (Episodes 1-7) before May 2021, then the next book in the series for you will be The Lost Temple (Book 3: Episodes 8-10), followed by The Crimson Goddess (Book 4: Episodes 11-14).

While this is a little confusing for those who have read the first seven episodes of The Dragon Star Saga, I think it will make for a more rewarding reading experience for future readers.


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