The trailer for the John Carter movie is out.  I was a little trepidatious when I heard a movie was being made from Edger Rice Burroughs Barsoom series, but this trailer actually makes the movie look pretty fun and, oddly, serious. It’s not often you get a trailer that makes a film like this seem serious. That makes it all the more appealing to me.

The first novel is called A Princess of Mars, but the first film is called John  Carter . Confusing. They should have at least left the word ‘Mars’ in the title. John Carter of Mars is the title of the last of the 11 novels.  Again, confusing.

I discovered the Barsoom novels when I was 13, (about the same time I found the Doc Savage series), and devoured them. Burrough’s knew how to tell a story, tell it fast, and keep telling it at a pace that kept you reading and reading until you had to run to the store and buy the next one.

The story is simple. Civil War veteran, John Carter, wakes up on Mars, called Barsoom by it’s natives. He meets up with a four armed green Martian and a red skinned princess. Adventure ensues. For 11 books.

I should reread them.

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