I have a new project to announce. The Jivath Chronicles is a standalone story in The Dragon Star Saga. It tells the story of what happens in the yutan port city of Jivath during the events that occur over the course of the next few Dragon Star Saga novels. It will be an ongoing and slowly evolving story told in brief first person entries. I’m hoping to post one every week or so over the next few years. This is the first one.

Entry One: Lell – The Historian

These events must be transcribed now, while they are still transpiring because…

This needs to be said. It must. I must admit this as a truth and a motivation…

A record needs to be fashioned because we may all of us die. Me. Those I love. Those I encounter. Our city of Jivath. The Sky Realm of Kratish Tavan. The whole of Onaia may perish.

As a fledgling historian, I have always considered my role as the preservation of the past, not simply as it is remembered, but as it was lived. I am not seeking to find “The Truth” of the past, because I don’t consider such a thing possible. We can record to the best of our ability the events we know occurred, but this is only a portion of the full reality available to us. I feel a deeper version of the past in the varied views of that distant time as experienced by the people who lived through it. When these remembrances are collated and aligned, even when they disagree, we gain a more coherent understanding of past events.

So it is that I believe by collecting these firsthand accounts while this cataclysm is befalling and befelling our city, the pride of so many yutans across this realm, that I will be able to preserve this moment in a state closer to something like an essential truth for the historians who follow.

Assuming any of us lives through the coming days to leave progeny for such a time.


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