Finally The Dragon Star has sequels. Actually, it’s a little more complicated than that.

Because The Dragon Star Saga is a really a continuous novel spread over several installments told in episodes, I have decided to break apart the first book.

Responding to reader feedback, I have separated the original novel of The Dragon Star: Volume One (Episodes 1-7) into two books: The Dragon Star (Book 1: Episodes 1-3) and The Shattered Realms (Book 2: Episodes 4-7).

If you purchased The Dragon Star: Volume One (Episodes 1-7) before May 2021, then the next book in the series for you will be The Lost Temple (Book 3: Episodes 8-10), followed by The Crimson Goddess (Book 4: Episodes 11-14).

While this is a little confusing for those who have read the first seven episodes of The Dragon Star Saga, I think it will make for a more rewarding reading experience for future readers.

Here is a simple description of The Lost Temple to pique your interest in how the story continues to unfold. Obviously, don’t read this if you have not read episodes 1-7.

The Lost Temple

The individual journeys of the heroes from The Dragon Star Saga begin to cross paths as the new goddess comes ever closer to revealing herself.

The Temple: Junari and the first wave of pilgrims cross the Zha Ocean and reach the shores of the Forbidden Realm to find the temple ruins from their dreams.

The Fugitives: Sha-Kutan and Lee-Nin help Sao-Tauna find passage on a ship for the perilous journey to the Forbidden Realm.

The Thone: Assumed killed in battle, Tin-Tsu recovers in secret while Dju-Tesha assumes the throne.

The Seer: Kellatra and Rankarus become involved with Sketkee and Kadmallin to save the coastal pilgrim town from Kam-Djen fanatics.

The Carnival: Palla, Leotin, and the outlanders of the carnival flee from the Shen war only to fall prey to a dangerous monster.

The Philosopher: Sketkee and Kadmallin debate the best way to recover the ancient artifact from Viktik and whether to reveal its nature to Kellatra.

The Witness: Ondromead and Hashel are trapped with the carnival in a small town under attack by a vicious creature.

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