I thought I’d share the new music I’ve been listening too lately. Not that all of it is new. Some are new or recent releases, but some are simply new to me.

Larkin Poe – Venom & Faith

Rebecca and Megan Lovel have a new album and it’s great. I’ve been listening to it all weekend. They’re habit of posting a cover song each week is paying off in some beautiful song writing. Learn what the best do and how to make what you do better.

Doyle Baramhall II – Shades

Doyle Bramhall II also has a new album out. Two in two years. It a blessing after waiting 15 years for the last one. And it’s a great album. he keeps expanding his musical range far beyond blues.

Janelle Monae – Dirty Computer

This came out months ago, but I’m still listening to it like it was just out this week. Still finding new things to love.

Robert Plant – Carry Fire

Robert Plant keeps making beautiful music that I can’t get out of my head. He’s gotten into this groove where he has found the perfect sound for his and and ours, or maybe just mine.

Rhiannon Giddens – Freedom Highway

Everything Rhiannon Giddens does is amazing. Her music doesn’t touch your soul, it reaches in, grabs it, and shakes it to life.

Florence and the Machine – High as Hope

Florence Welsh makes complex and inspiring pop music that stops feeling like pop music and like something birthed in some more ancient age. I feel like I’m listening to spirit of Mozart whisper through the songs.

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