I am not a good blogger. I don’t really have the time or the inclination, but I do want to get better at posting regularly (building the author platform and all that blah, blah, blah). To that end, another mixed media post:

New Music: Khruangbin

I don’t know exactly what this Texas trio is doing or how they are doing it, but damn I love it. All instrumental, except for a few vocalizations, their work sounds to me like one massive piece of music, one coherent song, with dozens of interlocked movements, that evoke a multitude of responses depending on the order in which one listens to them.


Music Find: Vintage Trouble

I know they have been around for years, but I honestly have no idea how I have never heard them before. Apparently the rock I live under is larger than I suspected. They are great though. Blues rock with great rhythm and Ty Taylor has an amazing voice.


Favorite Trailer of the Week: Christopher Robin

This looks so incredibly sweet and charming and what’s that other word I love?… Sappy. I love movies that feel like I’m discovering some lost Hollywood classic from the 40s of 50s. This feels like a modern day Harvey, and Ewan McGregor is a perfect modern day Jimmy Stewart.

Second Favorite Trailer of the Week: Destination Wedding

I know this isn’t recent, but I only saw it this week, and it looks like a predictable romantic comedy, but predictable in the best of ways – in other words, I predict that I will really like the obvious screen chemistry of Keanu Reeves and Wynonna Rider playing unhappy, slightly unlikable people, who discover they like each other and make each other happy.

Favorite Movie I’ve Seen Recently: Red Sparrow

I know everyone seems to either hate this movie or love this movie, so I guess I have to choose the love this movie camp. I thought it was trilling without being action packed. Smart, complicated, disturbing, and occasionally extremely violent. It felt like a twisted but accurate reflection of our world today and the US/Russia relations – as though the Cold War never ended but merely took a nap.

Good Book: The 20th Century: An Illustrated History of Our Lives and Times

I’ve been doing a bunch of research for my new time travel romance novel and this is the best one-volume history of the 20th Century that I’ve found. A well-illustrated, well-written, month-by-month exploration of the most important 100 years of the human race.

Youtube Find: The Launch of Ark II

I loved Ark II as a kid. I must been have only been 8 years old, but most the episodes and much of the imagery are burned into the memory screens of my brain, underlying everything displayed on them since. If you know the show, you’ll love this documentary about its making. If you don’t know the show … scientists with the coolest RV ever bring enlightenment to a post-apocalyptic world. With a talking monkey. And a jet pack!

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