It’s been a while since I’ve had time to update this blog. Just too many things happening to have the time to write here. Unfortunately, editing Lost Temple was not one of the things eating up most of my free time.

However, I’m going to try to post more regularly (building the author brand and all that glop).

To that end, a short post to share some media I’ve come across lately.

New Music: Larkin Poe

The name of the band is Larkin Poe, not the sisters (Megan and Rebecca Lovell). I stumbled across them and I’m so glad I did. They are great. Great song writers and great singers and great musicians. When they aren’t touring for an album they post clips of cover songs. Great cover songs.

Music Find: Doyle Bramhall II and Alice Smith

This is a Doyle Bramhall II song called Cry performed live with Alice Smith on backing vocals. I love the version his album Smokestack, but this performance is transcendent. Doyle is as brilliant as ever and Alice Smith is… A goddess of song.

Favorite Trailer of the Week: Legion Season 2

Legion was my favorite new show last year. It is so…so much its own weird, wild, wonderful thing. I loved every minute of every episode, even when I had no idea what was happening or why or what it might mean or what might happen next. And season two looks like much, much more of the same…with dancing!

Second Favorite Trailer of the Week: Lost in Space

This barely looks like the 1965 TV show that I have such find memories of watching in syndication as a kid in the 70s. But it sure looks like fun. Maybe a little dark for good family fun, but certainly good cheesy scifi fun. We know the general story (because it’s Swiss Family Robinson in space), but this looks like a bold reinterpretation of the sourc material(s), and the production values looks amazing.

Good Book: The Modern Mind

I’ve been reading The Modern Mind by Peter Watson as research for a new time travel novel. It’s a brilliant history of the intersection of science, art, literature, and culture throughout the 20th Century. It’s an overwhelming avalanche of people, ideas, and events but it never feels like you’re buried beneath too much information. It’s a long and fascinating read. I’m familiar with about 2/3 of the people mentioned, but that other third is where the book lights up my modern mind.

Youtube Find #1: Merce Cunningham

I was reading about Merce Cunningham in The Modern Mind and it reminded me of seeing one of a recreation of one of his more famous dance pieces that I saw twenty years ago. This a nice short clip of a piece of his from the 60s.

Youtube Find #2: John Cage

If you’re going to watch Merce Cunningham you’re might as well listen to some John Cage. Another artist mentioned in my reading of The Modern Mind. His music is not for everyone, but it did influence a great many musicians and composers in the last half of the 20th Century. This is one of his more accessible pieces (although you will want to turn the volume up).

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