The writing of book 2 in the Realms of Shadow and Grace series (tentatively called The Heretic Temple) is going a little more slowly than I had hoped. The day job keeps getting in the way and the episodes are tending to be longer than expected. I’m digging into episode 3 now. I had hoped to have a full draft done by the beginning of autumn, but I think it will be the end of the year before I can get the first draft finished. On the bright side, I’m very happy with the way the story is unfolding and how the story arenas are intertwining. I think fans of The Dragon Star will be very pleased.

In the meantime, I thought I’d post one of the entries from the Miscellany of Fragments and Artefacts at the rear of The Dragon Star. So here it is:

The Living Death

“There is no doubt. The illness grips me as it has so many in our town. I woke this morning unable to recognize my mother or my sister. Their names came back to me for a time, and I gained enough clarity to send them away. To make them flee. My mother wished to embrace me one last time, but I ran from her.

I ran until I suddenly realized that I did not know where I ran to or whom I ran from. I do not know how, but I found myself back in the house. A shop, I think. My father is … I do not remember.

I know he has gone with my father. I know he promised to return. I hope he does not. It is too late now. I know this. As I know that I will be mindless soon. As I know that I love him. I only wish that I could remember more than the vague impression of his face.

I shall try to kill myself now. If I am fortunate, I will remember this desire before more of me fades.

If he finds this … if you find this … know that I love you. That my last thoughts are of you. Even if I cannot remember your name … or my own.”

— A letter found concealed in a clay jug in the burned out remains of a merchant family’s home in northern Punderra several years after The Great Plague.

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