I’ve changed my mind. It happens frequently. I’ve decided not to put the episodes of The Dragon Star up for sale in episode bundles. I’m only going to offer the full Volume 1: Episodes 1-7. I’ll still offer episodes 1-3 for free from this website, but not from Amazon.

Why the change of mind? A few things. Firstly, the interest in the episode bundles was very limited. Secondly, the similarity in titles and covers was making it hard for them to be found individually. And lastly, while I had been mulling this change in release strategy, I felt that doing it now risked annoying as few readers as possible.

To that end, if you have paid for a copy of either Episodes 1-3 or Episodes 4-5, send me and email and I’ll pass you a free copy of the entire novel.

Hopefully this won’t annoy anyone too much and will not detract from the release of the full novel on Jan. 2nd.

If you’ve enjoyed Episodes 1-3 (which you can get for FREE by signing up for the newsletter) the full novel will be out on January 2, 2016.

And if you haven’t started reading yet, you can check out the first few chapters here on the Excerpts Page.

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