The resign of the website is finished and it mostly looks the way I want it to. Still a few tweaks to make on various pages. Overall, I’m very happy with the new look.

Since most of my spare time is being used to edit The Pilgrim Star, and I don’t have much time left over at the moment for blogging, I thought I’d post something I wrote years ago to add to the Odds & Ends page. It’s a play that I’ve posted scenes from before.

Pop Culture!: The Future of America™ is a stage play I wrote in sporadic bursts while on a corporate tour in 1999 and 2000. I remember writing some of it at a hotel near Lake Michigan, but most of it I wrote over the course of a week near the end of the tour while holed up in a room at a hotel in downtown Boston.

The play is very influenced by spending a year driving around the country reading books about globalization and issues of Adbusters magazine. It’s a romantic-comedy-spiritual-journey set in a corporate dominated dystopian future.

You can read the synopsis and download the pdf on this page.

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