It has been a busy week and the weeks ahead look  to be even busier.

To pay the rent I work as a freelance coordinator of corporate events. The biggest advantage of this sort of work is that it pays well enough that when the dry season hits, I can afford to spend the time between jobs writing. The dry season is usually summer. So, my last job ended last week (which is why I have been too busy for posting), and I am now off for most of the summer and can devote my time to independently publishing first books in The Wizards of Time and The Young Sorcerer’s Guild series while also writing the first sequels to both.

Today I sent the manuscript for The Seventh True Mage (The Wizards of Time Book 1) to editor/proofreader. I hope to have to have it back in a week and I’m hoping the final edit and formatting will only take an additional two weeks. With luck and a lot of work it will be available sometime the week of July 11.

This week will be focused on writing the sequel for The Young Sorcerer’s Guild book #2 (called Summer’s Cauldron), editing YSG Book #1 (The Dark Shadow of Spring), and creating the cover for The Seventh True Mage.

It’s a lot of work. I’m also hoping to get into the habit of posting to this blog every other day or so. I’ll post a writing update when there seems to be some progress to report.

For now, I’m going to enjoy the rest of the day by reading in the park.

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