I think the site is looking mostly how I want it to. At least for now. It took a while to settle on a header. The painting on the right of the castle is one by my cousin Jason Embury.

Everything I’ve read about indie publishing so far says that your blog should contain some kind of original content that will encourage people to come back to and to link to it and pass it on.

Since most of them seem to write about the art and process of writing, I figure I should write about something else. So, I think the site will focus on subject matter that is related to the three series of novel I’ll be publishing:  sci-fi and fantasy with a little history, mythology, and science thrown in.

To that end, a brief plug for the second science fiction novel I remember reading when I was about eleven or twelve (I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the first one).


Rocket Ship Galileo

I can still remember walking from the barn to the house at my grandmother’s house and explaining to my cousin Crystal how one could build a nuclear powered spaceship. I even threatened to show her the drawings I had made. She was always very patient with my wild imagination.

It’s a great 1940’s space adventure about three teenage boys who join a private venture to build a rocket ship to the moon. When they arrive they find that someone else is already there: The Nazis!

Great fun.

That novel made me love scifi and want to become an aerospace engineer. Then I realized how much math was involved in engineering.

I haven’t read the novel since then, but it left quite an impression on me. After that I devoured almost all of Robert Heinlein’s books and spent much of my teens reading anything that had a scifi bent. I should get a copy and read it again to see what I remember.

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