First blog of the site. Finally have the site resembling something like what I had intended.

This will be  the home page as I venture into the wild world of independent publishing. I’ve written two  YA fantasy novels and one YA and science fiction novel  over the last few years. After a stupendous number of rejections from agents and publishers, I’ve decided to independently publish the novels and begin writing the sequels for them (each is the first in a series).

I’m trepidatious about this, but also excited. Trepidatious because it is a lot of work and because it requires that I ignore the rejections from the traditional gate keepers and have absolute faith in the stories and the writing. Occasionally a little voice in the back of my head speaks up. The voice that says that all those people who rejected the work (mostly on basis of the description) did so for a good reason.

Then I remember the card that my grandmother sent me years ago with a newspaper clipping that told the story of how Dr. Seuss had been rejected by 22 publishers before his first book found a home.

I love my grandmother.

So I am ignoring the naysaying voice (it’s never more than a whisper anyway) and plunging ahead and focusing on the excitement. It’s easy to be excited. I love the process of writing and I love the stories I’m telling and I love the fact that people will soon be able to read them.

The first book I plan to release is The Seventh True Mage, the first book of the Wizards of Time series.

Time travel and magic. It’s like peanut butter and chocolate. How can that not be a good combination?

So the work now is editing and more editing. More updates to come as that proceeds.

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