I’ve been silent because I’ve been writing. I’ve finally finished the first draft of RSG Volume 2, called for now The Lost Temple. It’s a little over 300,000 words right now. I’ll trim some and add some (for the Miscellany at least).

Hopefully now that I’m editing I’ll have a little more brain space for blogging and social media things. Hopefully.

I thought I should post something relevant to the moment, so below is some of the music I write to. I discovered trick a few years back that helps me avoid any daily writer’s block. I listen to the same music in the same order every day I sit down to write. When my brain hears that first song it immediately thinks “I need to be making words now” and a few minutes later, I’m writing. Oddly, I don’t find it boring to listen to the same music while I’m writing. It actually helps me concentrate. I imagine anyone could do the same with any music they like. Anyway, here is some of the music I use to write.

Divine Light: Reconstructions & Mix Translation – Bill Laswell and Carlos Santana

I love this album. Spiritual fusion jazz rock and who cares what. Angel of Air is the first song and it’s 11 minutes of inspiration that wakes my brain up and light my inner fire.

Tulku – Doors to Paradise
Maha Maya 

I listen to a lot of Tulku when writing. Most of the day of writing Tulku. It’s perfect for continuing the mood after Divine Light. The albums Doors to Paradise, Season of Souls, Transcendence, A Universe to Come, and Way of the Mystic play back to back.

Afro Celt Sound System

I only get to Afro Celt Sound System if it’s a long writing day. I usually aim for around 4000 words a day, which is a long stretch of writing (with breaks) for me. ACSS is often what I listen to when I edit though.

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