I haven’t been blogging at all lately.  Mostly because I’ve been busy with the day job and traveling for work and trying to edit The Edge of Eternity  (The Wizard of Time – Book 3). Also because I haven’t been all that interested in blogging recently. Not exactly sure why. But it didn’t seem to make much sense to force myself to write something I wasn’t all that interested in writing. Honestly, I’d rather spend that free with my wife.

Hopefully in the new year I’ll bet back to a more regular blog cycle. I’m not making a resolution about it. I don’t make resolutions. It’s too depressing when I inevitably break them. But goals are nice. I have several goals for 2014. Getting The Edge of Eternity published by the end of March. Finally publishing my nonfiction book The Alchemy of World and Soul. And writing as many episodes as possible for the new serialized epic fantasy series I’m starting.  That seems like more than enough for one person for one year.

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