I’m thinking of making Friday posts all about clips from Youtube. There are so many collections of great sci-fi posters, scenes, homemade documentaries, and just cool things that I think it would be good to share them.

So, my three choices this week:

A Brief History of 50’s Scifi in the Movies part 1

This a fun series of garage documentaries about sci-fi films in the 50’s. The narration is a little monotone, but boy would I like to have this guy’s dvd collection.

 50s/60s Sci-Fi Classics

This is afun collection of classic sci-fi movie posters from the 50’s and 60’s set to “Life Would be a Dream” by the Crew Cuts.

SciFi Cities Evolution

This is short but very cool. A collection of clips from sci-fi movies depicting cities of the future.

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