Can a band of extraordinary heroes unite to save the realms when the birth of a powerful new goddess shatters the world?

A noblewoman-turned-warrior. A reluctant prophetess. A demon-bound outlaw. A warrior-priest assuming the throne. A banished mage. A brilliant philosopher. And an immortal old man.

What binds these brave champions together? And can they save the realms when the old gods awaken to challenge the new goddess?

“The character and world building are exceptional…Definitely recommended if you want a brilliant epic fantasy.”
— Archaeolibrarian: I Dig Good Books!

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The Celestial Blade
A YA Space Opera

Three friends embark on a thrilling quest aboard a planet-sized starship hurtling between galaxies and discover a dangerous mutiny that threatens its thousand-year mission. 

Readers say:
“It is well written, contains great character development, and has a fantastic story line.” *****
“Loved this book!” *****

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