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A blood-red star blazes to life in the night sky, heralding the birth of a powerful new goddess and calling seven unsuspecting heroes to their conjoined destinies A demon-bound former outlaw vows to protect a six-year-old princess hunted by soldiers. A reluctant prophetess struggles to lead a pilgrimage of believers past fanatical militias to a forbidden realm. A prince-turned-priest fights to assume the throne while stalked by assassins. A runaway noblewoman battles for survival in a castle under siege. A banished mage flees for her life with a book of arcane lore. A brilliant philosopher races to recover an ancient magical artifact. And a young boy helps an immortal old man find meaning after thousands of years alone.

What binds these brave champions together? And can they unite to save the five realms and their vastly different peoples when the old gods awaken to challenge the new goddess?

“The character and world building are exceptional…Definitely recommended if you want a brilliant epic fantasy.”
— Archaeolibrarian: I Dig Good Books!

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