A blood-red star blazes to life in a crow-black sky.

Junari, a devout temple priestess, wakes sweating from a dream. A dream foretelling the birth of a new star and a new goddess. A dream shared by thousands each night across the war-torn Iron Realm.

With the new star in the night sky, and the new goddess’s words tumbling from her mouth, Junari abandons her temple and her faith. Now she leads a pilgrimage of dreamers and believers past bandits and heretic-hunting militiamen toward the Forbidden Realm where the dreams say the goddess will appear.

Soon her life and story are intertwined with six other exceptional people whose worlds are thrust into turmoil by the new goddess:

A young princess hunted by soldiers striving to kill her for her powers.

The leader of a carnival trapped in a castle under siege.

A prince-turned-priest stalked by assassins.

A powerful seer fleeing for her life with an indecipherable book.

A brilliant philosopher investigating a stolen ancient artifact.

An old man who cannot die and who awakens each day in a new place.

Will the goddess await them in the Forbidden Realm? Will she set them free? Or will she shatter the world as she does in the dreams?


The Dragon Star
(Realms of Shadow and Grace:
Volume 1: Episodes 1-3)

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