POP Culture! The Future of America™

(A sci-fi stage play I wrote back in 2000-2001.)

Trapped in a society dominated by a handful of companies that are rapidly merging into one giant conglomerate, the Citizen has begun to feel that Life™ as a materialistic corporate consumer cog isn’t turning out as advertised.  Life™ seems to mean only working to buying more things and everyone is on Prozocom™, a drug that induces a haze of purchasing pleasure. Fleeing a company assigned spouse more interested in shopping and a good resume than having children, the Citizen begins a journey through the anti-consumerist movement, meeting a guru of Karmic Konsumption™ and a radical revolutionary bent on destroying the corporate dominated system.  Ultimately the Citizen is faced with a choice between living life as consumer and employee, or as a human being. Sound familiar?  Not as seen on TV!

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