Dark September Rain (film)

Dark September Rain

An independent feature film I wrote and directed back in 2003 about an unconventional family trapped in a farmhouse on a day like September 11th.

POP Culture! The Future of America™

A satirical sci-fi stage play I wrote in 2000-2001 about a world rapidly dominated by a single mega corporation.

The Day the Sky Fell

Another sci-fi screenplay I wrote while on a cross country corporate tour in 1999 and 2000. Jupiter’s moon Eurpoa leaves orbit and heads toward earth. Crazy stuff happens. With aliens. 

Unexplained Phenomenon 

A sci-fi screenplay I wrote back in the late 90s. Alien artifacts, crop circles, government conspiracies, people gathering to build a mysterious monument. Fun stuff.

An Unforgiving Storm

Two couples are trapped in the same farmhouse during a blizzard. One in 1933 and one in 1973, both dealing with matters of life, and love, and death. A stage play. 

Before the Shadow of Morning

Seven psychiatric patients are trapped in a room during crisis, waiting for the doctor save them. A stage play. 

The Dragon Star – TV Pilot Script

A TV pilot script for Episode One of The Dragon Star Saga.

The Phantom City

When a bizarre city suddenly appears through a dimensional rift in the New Mexico desert, maverick physicist Hamlin Thorne leads a hastily assembled expedition into the heart of the mysterious metropolis to uncover its secrets before the disturbance between the realms destroys our world. A screenplay.

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