Where does the name Kosmosaic come from?
Komosaic is a combination of Kosmos and Mosaic. Kosmos is simply the Greek spelling of cosmos, or the universe. Some writers suggest that the original term Kosmos also implied a spiritual dimension to the universe. A mosaic uses small pieces of something, usually glass or tile, to create a whole image. So, Kosmosiac is a made up word that suggests representing the whole of the universe through small pieces.

How many books are planned for Realms of Shadow and Grace series?
I think seven. Maybe more. Probably seven. But I may be wrong. Let’s say seven. For now.

How many books are planned for The Young Sorcerers Guild series?
I had originally planned on four – one for each season, but for now it will stand as a duology. Mostly because I don’t have time to write more of them. Maybe one day I’ll have time to explore what happens to Alex and the Young Sorcerers Guild in the autumn and winter.

What’s your privacy policy?
Glad you asked. You can read it here.

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